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1. Scope

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply, without limitation or qualification to all sales made by the company Genin Medical'(' Genin '") with non-professional buyers and professionals (the (the)" Purchaser ( s) "), wishing to purchase products offered for sale by Genin on its website (the" Website ")

1.2 These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, including those applicable to sales in stores or through other distribution channels and marketing.

1.3 These terms and conditions are available at any time on this Website and prevail, if any, on any other version or any other document contradictory.

1.4 Unless otherwise proven, the data recorded by Genin constitute proof of all transactions.

1.5 The product offerings are understood in the limit of stocks available and within the period of manufacture. The information on product availability are provided upon receipt of the order and, for information, a simple telephone call.

1.6 The changes to these terms and conditions are prejudicial to the Purchasers of the Website after they posted on the Website and may not apply to transactions entered previously.

1.7 In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 113-3 of the Consumer Code, the general conditions of sale are available to any buyer. By clicking "I accept the terms and conditions" during the confirmation of the order, the Buyer unconditionally accepts these terms and conditions of sale.

1.8 The sale of goods is governed by these terms and conditions and by any statutory or regulatory requirements, such as - against non-professional buyers - Articles L. 121-16 and following of the Consumer Code. 
Genin prompt buyers to carefully read these terms and conditions.

2. Orders

2.1 It is the Buyer to select the site they wish to order products, as follows:

The Purchaser shall:
• Complete the identification card (with no VAT if outside city);
• Fill out the order, giving all the reference product (including color, upholstery);
• Validate the order after reviewing it;
• Make payment as provided;
• Confirm the order.

2.2 The sale will be considered final after sending the Buyer's confirmation of order acceptance by
Genin email to the email address indicated by Buyer during registration on the Website.
2.3 The possible changes of the order by the Purchaser shall be taken into account by
Genin in the limit of its possibilities and provided they are notified by mail to Genin at least 20 days before the scheduled date shipment of the order.

2.4 In case of cancellation of the order by the Purchaser at least 8 days before delivery, after its acceptance by
Genin for any reason except force majeure, a sum equal to 40% of the total bill will be acquired by Seller, as damages, compensation for damage suffered. The balance will be an asset. In case of cancellation within less than eight days, an amount corresponding to 80% of the total bill will be with the seller.

Genin reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders for any Buyer who has not paid in whole or in part a previous order, or not covered by credit insurance type SFAC.

Genin reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders in case of technical difficulty preventing the execution of the order, such as a problem of supply of the ordered product or delivery problem.

3. Rates

3.1 The products are supplied at the rates applicable on the site, upon registration of the order by the Buyer. Prices are in Euros and inclusive of VAT. Any change to VAT will be reflected in the price.
Genin reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice and without further formality to bring new money in its fee schedule.

3.2 These prices are firm and not subject to revision after the order is placed, as shown on the Website. They do not include shipping and delivery, which are charged extra.

3.3 The specific orders of the Purchaser will receive a quote previously accepted by it. Specifications established by
Genin are valid for a period of ten days from their date of establishment.

Quotes on the command is considered accepted only after paying a deposit of 40% of the amount of the order.

3.4 An invoice is issued by
Genin and mailed to the Buyer upon delivery of products ordered.

4. Payment Terms

4.1 The price is payable in full on the day the order is placed by the Purchaser by way of secure payment under the following conditions:

• The credit card number to the Buyer is directed to the servers of the bank, and payment is made directly in a secure environment without going through the server of the shop.

4.2 Payments by credit card will be charged at time of order. When paying by check, it is submitted for collection immediately upon receipt.
Genin reserves the right to audit or to verify that the buyer's account contains sufficient funds to meet payment of the check or ask a cashier's check.

4.3 The payments made by the Buyer shall be considered final and irreversible only after actual receipt of money owed by
Genin, that is to say, if paid by credit card, when the central bank payment has given its approval. In case of refusal, the order will be canceled and the customer notified by email.

4.4 In case of payment not transfer or by check, delivery will be made effective only after receipt and irreversible the full price of the sale.
Genin reserves the right to request a cashier's check.

Genin will not be required to effect the delivery of products ordered by Buyer if it does not pay him the price in full under the conditions mentioned above.

4.6 In case of late payment and payment of sums payable by the Purchaser after the deadline mentioned, late penalties equal to 1.5 times the legal interest rate of the tax price of the purchase price listed on the invoice, will be acquired automatically and
Genin right ', without any formality or prior notice and will result in immediate payment of all sums payable by the Purchaser, without prejudice to any other action that Genin would entitled to bring, as such, against the Buyer.

4.7 In addition,
Genin reserves the right, in case of non compliance with conditions of payment mentioned above, suspend or cancel delivery of current orders made by the Buyer.

5. Delivery

5.1 The supplies are provided by an independent carrier.

5.2 The products acquired by the Purchaser will be delivered in France with a delay and the address given by the Purchaser in its order on the Website. Except in special cases or unavailability of one or more products, the products ordered will be delivered at once.

5.3 The time limits are provided for information purposes only and will not give rise to any damages, withholding or cancellation of the order by the Buyer.

5.4 The delivery is deemed to be made upon delivery of products ordered by
Genin carrier.

5.5 In case of specific request of the Purchaser relating to packaging installation or transportation of products ordered, duly accepted in writing by
Genin costs will be billed additional specific, on estimate previously agreed in writing by Buyer.

5.6 The Buyer shall check the delivered products and their packaging, in case of dispute, he should write reservations on the delivery note. He then has three days after delivery to form by mail or any claims reserves for non-compliance with the order or apparent defects of goods delivered, with all supporting documents.
After this period and failing to comply with these formalities, the goods shall be deemed compliant and free from defect and no claim may be validly accepted by the Buyer.

5.7 The goods are delivered to the doorstep of the address on the website, without constraint or risk to the delivery vehicle. The installation and implementation in a building are not included in the package transportation.

6. Property Transfer - Transfer Risk

6.1 The transfer of ownership of products
Genin for the benefit of the Purchaser shall be made only after full payment by the latter, and regardless of the date of delivery of such products.

6.2 The transfer of risk of loss and degradation products will be made upon acceptance of the order by
Genin, embodying the parties' agreement on the deal and the price and regardless of the date of payment and delivery . Products travel so at the risk of the Purchaser may, in case of damage, make any claims with the carrier in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

7. Non-professional buyers - Right of withdrawal

7.1 The Purchaser has non-professional, in accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code, a withdrawal period of seven working days after the delivery of products to return them to
Geninend exchange or refund, provided that the goods are returned in their original packaging and in perfect condition. Items damaged, soiled or incomplete are not included.

7.2 The return costs will be borne solely by Buyer.

7.3 The return of products must be accompanied by a return form, available on the Website, and the invoice.

7.4 The exchange, subject to availability, or refund will be made within 30 days after receipt by
Genin items returned by the Buyer, in perfect condition. Any damage in transit is the responsibility of the buyer.

Genin responsibility '- Guarantee

8.1 The products supplied by the Seller granted in conformity with legal provisions,
• The legal guarantee of conformity
• The legal guarantee against hidden defects resulting from a defect in material, design or workmanship affecting products delivered and making them unfit for use,
• The manufacturer's guarantee, depending on the products and brands involved,
within the limits set out below:

8.2 Any warranty is excluded in the following cases:

• misuse (including, in contradiction with the instructions of use)
• negligence
• lack of maintenance by the Buyer,
• normal wear and tear,
• accident
• force majeure.

8.3 In respect of professional
Genin repair as quickly as possible and at his expense, the problems of the products delivered with defects or faults of compliance with the order have been duly proved by the Buyer

With respect to consumers, in default of compliance, the Purchaser may choose between repair and replacement of the property. However, Multiform 'may not make the choice of the Buyer if this choice involves a cost manifestly disproportionate to the other modality, given the property's value or importance of the defect. It will then be required to make, unless prevented by type not selected by the Buyer.

With respect to consumers, if the repair and replacement, are impossible, the buyer can make good and get refund the price or keep the property and to be part of the price.

8.4 In order to assert his rights, the Purchaser shall, under pain of forfeiture of any action related thereto, advise
Genin writing of the existence of defects within a maximum of 3 days of their discovery or the date on which the defects should reasonably have been discovered.

Genin send the parts under warranty will repair or exchange for products or parts found to be defective under warranty.

8.6 The products presented on the Website are described and presented with precision and accuracy, but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the product offered. If errors or omissions are present in the product presentation, the responsibility for
Genin can be initiated.

8.7 The products sold on the site are in accordance with the regulations in force in France. Responsibility for
Genin can not be held liable for breach of the legislation of the country where the goods are delivered, it is the Buyer to verify.

8.8 The Purchaser is solely responsible for selecting products, their storage and use.

8.9 Geninwill not be held responsible in case any problems with the internet leading to failures in the administration, processing and / or management of the Website and / or commands, and more generally any issue related to networks telecommunications, computer online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment or software.

Geninwill not be held liable for failing or any delay or failure due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure usually recognized by the French courts.

9. Computer and Freedoms

9.1 In applying the law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, it is recalled that the data which are requested from the Buyer are necessary to process the order and invoicing, among others.

9.2 The processing of information through the site of the Seller has been declared to CNIL under registration number [number] dated [insert date].

9.3 The Purchaser shall, in accordance with national and European regulations in force of a permanent access, modification, rectification and opposition with regard to information about it.

10. IP

10.1 The content is owned by
Geninand its partners and is protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property.

10.2 Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and may constitute an infringement of copyright.

Geninremains owner of all intellectual property rights on the designs, drawings, models, prototypes, etc.., Produced (even at the request of the Purchaser) for the products. The Purchaser agrees not to total or partial reproduction and any use of such studies, drawings, models and prototypes. Without the express prior written consent of Geninwhich may subject it to financial compensation.

11. Partial Invalidity

In the event of total or partial invalidity, or unenforceability of any provision of general conditions of sale, the remaining provisions will continue to produce their effects.

12. Force Majeure

The performance by
Geninof all or part of its obligations will be suspended upon the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure that would impede or delay the execution. Are considered as individual cases recognized by the French courts.

13. Law - Language

13.1 of express agreement between the parties, this agreement is governed by and subject to French law.

13.2 It is written in French. In the event that it is translated into one or more languages, only the French text would prevail in case of dispute.

14. Litigation



15. Acceptance of Buyer

The fact that a person or entity controlling the website implies acceptance and full acceptance of these terms of sale, which is expressly acknowledged by Purchaser, which waives, in particular, rely on any document contradictory, which would be unenforceable against
Genin .

16. Contacts

16.1 The
Genin company is a joint stock company with capital of 57622,45euros, whose registered office is located:
ZI du Grand Pont
13640 Roque Anthéron - FRANCE
Registered with the Trade and Company Salon de Provence under number 423 883 776, including individual identification number is FR 61
423 883 776

16.2 Contact telephone: +33 4 42 28 58 47 (Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 14:00 to 18:00) (non-premium number, price of a local call)

16.3 Statement CNIL registration number xxxxx dated February 8, 2011

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